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At Cryoclinics Australia, we believe in using cutting edge, science-based technology to supplement our clients’ weight loss plans.Our facials and skincare utilise natural ingredients tailored to suit all skin types and conditions. Our products aim to bring your skin to its healthiest level possible.

Cryoclinics Australia
?? BODY: Body Sculpting | Skin and Cellulite Tightening
?? FACE: Facials | Pelactiv | Teeth Whitening
?? RECOVERY: Cryotherapy | NormaTec | Hypervolt


• Muscle recovery
• Reduce joint and inflammation pain
• Increase your metabolism
• Boost endorphins
• Soothe arthritic pain
• Stimulate collagen in your skin
• Burn up to 600 calories per session

Call us on 1300 CRYO 88 to book in for a free consultation to see how we can help today!Or visit at -

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