Keep Bookmarks

Finding information on the web is easy. Keeping track of it is hard... With you can save bookmarks to pages you found of interest on the web, so you can come back to them later.

Tag your bookmarks and search through the bookmarks you created, share them with others and post to Social Networks with ease.

Save Notes

Ever jot down something important on a post-it, only to lose it afterwards? With you can have all your post-its in one place and take them with you everywhere you go.

Search through the information you post online, decide what you want to share with friends and get them to comment on your posts.

Share with Friends

Discover the web through the items that your friends post online. lets you subscribe to your friends' feeds, and for those notes or bookmarks you really like, just add them to your favorites, so you can find them again with ease.


Folders and Search allows you to classify you bookmarks and notes into folders. You can store as many bookmarks and notes as you wish into a folder, and you can assign color icons to folders that you have created so that you can be easily reminded of the content within.

Just like bookmarks and notes, folders can also be tagged with keywords and be searchable via the search interface.

Publish your Profile allows you to have your own public page. Place you photo and say a few words about yourself. The bookmarks and notes you chose to make public will also appear on this page.

You can also add links to all your profiles on other social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Profile pages are also searchable if you provide

Windows Phone App

Download the Windows Phone Application for and get all your favorite bookmarks on your phone on the go.
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