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About stars - from the smallest to the weirdest

Look up in the night sky on a dark night and the sky is filled with them: stars.This video playlist takes a tour of what these celestial bodies are:- how are they born, how to they live and die- what are some of the largest stars out there and how we observe them- ...

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Are the Covid19 Vaccines efficient?

How efficient is Astra-Zeneca versus Pfizer or Moderna?How is this number calculated and should you chose the vaccine with the highest efficacy rate?What about how the different types of vaccines work? Which would be better?This video playlist attempts to answer these ...

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The Great Attractor

The great attractor – a region of space situated behind the plane of avoidance (the line of dust and stars formed by the heads on view of our Milky Way Galaxy), whose attractive force draws most of the galaxies that comprise the local group towards it.Since it is ...

  By:   Paul Cociuba    Hits:   131   Comments:   0 memory consumption per segment VS arhictecture memory consumption:
The .Net runtime uses the following segment sizes on 32 and 64 bit platforms for the .Net Runtime 2.0 and 4.0:ASP.NET 2.0 x86 : 64 Mb for small object segment per processor and 32 Mb for large object segment per processorASP.NET 2.0 x64 : ...

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IT Fails over the years

Working in the tech industry, I see my share of news from the IT industry - from the best to the worst. Since I believe in the industry's capacity to leran from its failures, I have grown a habbit of bookmarking articles on the top failures of the year, and ...

  By:   Paul Cociuba    Hits:   355   Comments:   0 background threading dangers

When writing an application, spawning your own threads inside the application to run background tasks might seem like a good idea. This article series aims to show why this is not something you would like to do in a real world scenario and what dangers this ...

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What is new in 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012 - Video Tutorial Series

This twelve video tutorial series looks at new features and coding patterns that can be used with the 4.5 release, Visual Studio and Web-Forms.Chapter 1: Visual Studio 2012 and TemplateShows off some of the new features in Visual Studio 2012 as well as the ...

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IIS 7.5 Architecture and Components

The video series aims to explain the major components and services of the IIS 7.5 / Windows 2008 R2 web-server from Microsoft. The series is divided in three videos:Part 1 - Global server architecture:Looks at all the major components of the IIS web-server and how ...

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Application Domain - Number of Unloads

How to determine the number of times that an application domain has unloaded:
1. Using the dumpdomain –stat command from PSSCor, the app domains inside the process are listed.
2. The number in yellow is the number of times that the application domain has been loaded ...

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IIS 7.5 presentation architecture

Lien vers l’archive .zip content les deux présentations PowerPoint : vers l’enregistrement de la session Live Meeting :écapitulatif Architecture IIS 7:- Serveur ...

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