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IoT security in healthcare

IoT security in healthcareWhen you're going to build a device from the Internet of things, it's critical to take care of security. Security is important for several reasons: you have a responsibility to your patients and to those who will buy your device;you are ...

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Create a marketplace website

To create your own marketplace in the first step, you should choose a niche and target audience. The marketplace may sell not only physical products.It may be digital products (Udemy, iTunes), real estate (Zillow), other property and assets, services (Upwork, ...

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Benefits of internet of things in healthcare

Modern applications of IoT (Internet of Things) in the field of healthcare contribute to digitalization and a significant improvement in the quality and speed of medical care for users of such systems. Today it is one of the main trends in software development. ...

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Cost of travel website development

Identify the kind of travel website or app you want.First of all, it must be clearly understood that there are several types of travel websites (a travel portal, a travel agent website, a flight booking website, a car rental website connected to a specific tourist ...

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Healthcare App Development Innovation on Guard of Health

Healthcare App Development: Innovation on Guard of Health
Health is the greatest value of man. It is critically important to monitor its condition and undergo medical examinations in a timely manner.
However, modern healthcare consumers expect innovative services and ...

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Build mobile ecommerce app

Today, the impact of mobile technology on daily life continues to increase. The mobile application market is expanding and with their help, users solve almost all of their tasks. It is important for the business to conclude that the number of purchases made ...

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How to create a chat application like Whatsapp

One of the most popular instant messengers in the world today is WhatsApp. At one time it was created as a startup. And in February 2016, the number of active users per month exceeded a billion.
How to create a chat application like WhatsappWhatsApp uses an updated ...

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How to choose a legal DMS

How to choose a legal document sharing softwareA truly paperless office may not yet become a reality for commercial and government organizations as well as for individuals. However, digital documents step by step crowd out their traditional, paper counterparts due to ...

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Our insights in enterprise software development

Enterprise software developmentThere is a buzz about the necessity of enterprise software applications development and implementation. Let’s take a look why large companies may need enterprise apps and how to turn them into a benefit tool.
Enterprises usually seek how ...

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How to make an electronic health records system

They say the health of a nation is its wealth. Indeed, the government invests generously in the complex health improvement programs. However, these measures are insufficient without improving the quality of healthcare services.
In 2009 the US Government passed The ...

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